Lillie's Bordello
Lillie's Bordello is located on Grafton St, the most exclusive club in Ireland. A regular haunt of the rich and famous.Themed on a Victorian brothel and open seven days a week, from late till very much later, Lillie's is the place for beautiful people.
The Pod
The Pod is a funky club built in an old railway station. The interior is very nonconventional and cool. The Pod is a great club, having won numerous awards including the Ericsson Muzik Magazine Dance Award's "Best Club Venue" in 1998. Some of the world's greatest DJs have played there, the Pod is a great night out.
The Red Box
In the same venue as the Pod, The Red Box is where the platforms used to be. The Red Box is also used for fashion shows and concerts. But mostly for crazy nights out. The PA is powerful and the state-of-the-art lighting system make The Red Box a really great place
Club Anabel
Located in the Burlington Hotel. Club Annabel is a lively night-spot. With everybody. It's a great place to chill out. Annabel's is a sophisticated club with an electric atmosphere. There's no better way to end the day then in Club Anabel.
Club M
Club M in Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar. One of the city's coolest, Club M is friendly comfortable with laser-lighting and a VIP lounge which frequently hosts some of Dublin's many stars. Club M is one of Temple Bar's best clubs and is well worth a visit.
The Kitchen
The Kitchen is owned by U2, and is one of Dublin's greatest. The Kitchen can also boast having won "Best Venue" award. Recently written about as "The best nightclub in the world at the moment." Surely a great place to be
The Vatican
The Vatican is located under the Russell Court Hotel on Harcourt St. and frequented by a lot of Dubliners. It is a lively venue close to the city centre, the IN place to be.
Bad Bob's
Located in Temple Bar the coolest place to be. Playing seventies music downstairs against a backdrop of old cartoons, Bad Bob's serves liqueur and food in the restaurant till late. Live music is played almost all other nights. As with most other clubs there is a cover charge during the later hours.
Located on Wexford St close to St Stephen's Green, Mono is mainly a student type club based on the decor of a bachelor pad. The variety of alcohol is diverse and can, if desired, be unusual, and very potent. Stylish and lively, Mono is. A spot very well worthy of a visit.
The Palace
Located on Camden Street in the ballroom of the Camden De Luxe Hotel, The Palace is atrendy club, a favourite for all clubbers with good music and a good atmosphere. The Palace ballroom was a set in the film "The Commitments".
Located on the corner of Kildare St, beneath The Earl of Kildare Hotel, Peigs is a popular place for a night out in Dublin. On Tuesdays and Thursdays host a gay "Disco". An economical place visit if funds are low or on a budget as the admission price is low and drink comparatively cheep. The music and the patrons are lively. Pegs is fun place to chill out.
Located in Temple Bar, and was once called Club Zap, Club Switch is in Dublin's most coolest and fashionable venue. Hosting different gigs nightly Switch is definitely a lively club. Open 11 till late, reserving Mondays as gay nights. Switch is a great club with loads happening.
Copperface Jack's
The elegant Copperface Jack's is located on Harcourt St. With free entry Monday to Wednesday, you won't find many 'teenyboppers' here. Playing an assortment of music, caters successfully for the slightly older cluber. It's part of the Jackson Court Hotel, Copperface Jack's is softly lit and furnished. It is a relaxing club more suited to those who aren't up for dancing the whole night away, but are more comfortable enjoying some social drinks and just dancing to their favourites.
One of the places to be and attached to the fashionable Harcourt Hotel, The Velvet Nightclub is one of Dublin's most glamorous night-clubs, A large proportion of the clientele are locals with a good mix of not so local it is definitely the place to head.
Opened only a year or two ago, in a converted fire station, it has quickly aspired in popularity with both the locals and tourist alike. Expect to queue most nights, especially on a Saturday Night. Spending a night here in this unusual venue will practically guarantee a great night out.



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